About Alavie

Drinks to feel good about!

We created drinks that are 100% natural and even organic, refreshing with an amazing taste, but without all the bad stuff, especially the sugar, that is everywhere !

We put our hearts and a lot of energy to finally offer the world a healthy alternative with a sophisticated taste. So Cheers to life! A LA VIE!

The founders


My mother is diabetic type 1 and it always bothered me that she was so limited in options when it came to sharing a drink, not enjoying the moment as much as she could have. Sugar is everywhere. And I thought what if we could remove it?

My favourite ALAVIE drink

In 2019, I suffered from really bad migraines and had to cut on sugar and alcohol. But after spending 9 months drinking only sparkling water, I was really missing the celebratory ritual of a decent social drink and thought there was a clear gap to fill.

My favourite ALAVIE drink
Spread JOIE DE VIVRE, our philosophy of life

A century ago on the streets of Paris, THE ROARING TWENTIES were in full swing.

It was a time when people would live their life to the fullest, like if each day was the last one! It was also the time of women emancipation which inspired us so much as a women-led startup!


ALAVIE is 100% made in France and all our partners are highly respected and renowned experts in their fields to ensure we offer you the best quality.

Yes. ALAVIE is sparkling and we put a lot of attention to offer you very elegant fine bubbles. The size of the bubbles does matter to enhance all the notes from our complex blends.

ALAVIE is an adult drink that can be enjoyed by everyone!
All our drinks are 100% natural, and our Royal Cassis is organic & vegan certified.
Pregnant women can drink ALAVIE as we have 0.0% alcohol.

We always recommend that you consult a healthcare professional if you have any doubts or questions regarding your consumption of ALAVIE.  

ALAVIE can be drunk as is for those who wish to enjoy its taste with zero sugar.
Of course if you would like to mix it and be creative, we would love to hear about your creations! That’s why ALAVIE is such a convivial drink, everyone will enjoy it!  

Yes, ALAVIE is 100% natural and gluten free.

Royal Cassis is our new 100% certified organic and vegan version!

To Now! Cheers to life!

We wanted ALAVIE to be celebratory. Bringing this French touch of popping the cork for any occasion!

So that everyone could enjoy life to the fullest.

With no compromise anymore!

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