non alcoholic champagne

What is ALAVIE?

ALAVIE is the new French distilled aperitif, sparkling and celebratory,
with ZERO CALORIES, 100% natural, and no alcohol.

refreshing drinks non alcoholicrefreshing drinks non alcoholic

An innovation we are the first to introduce!

ALAVIE is an artisan drink made in France, with 100% natural premium ingredients and a unique savoir-faire,
similar to the distillation used in French perfumes.

That’s why you’ll experience several notes throughout the tasting (top notes, middle notes and base notes). 

ALAVIE is DIFFERENT and does not try to mimic wine or champagne.

zero calories non alcoholic drinks

Sophisticated taste with zero calories

100% natural and with no alcohol was already great!

But we pushed for more!

By removing completely the sugar to become the first ZERO calorie aperitif delivering a sophitication in taste never experienced before. 

sparkling non alcoholic drinkssparkling non alcoholic drinks

ALAVIE is unique on the market as most of the non-alcoholic sparkling options are high in sugar.

refreshing drinks non alcoholic
refreshing drinks non alcoholic
refreshing drinks non alcoholic

The process of distillation begins with heating a liquid to boiling point.
The liquid evaporates, forming a vapour. The vapour is then cooled, usually by passing it through pipes or tubes at a lower temperature.

The cooled vapour then condenses, forming a distillate.

The distillate is a purified form of the original liquid. When the liquid evaporates, many impurities are left behind, so they are not present in the distillate. 

zero calories non alcoholic drinks

ALAVIE is the only sparkling aperitif with ZERO CALORIES.
We have no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavours.  

Drink (per 100ml)
ALAVIE aperitif0
Non-alcoholic wine70
refreshing drinks non alcoholic
zero calories non alcoholic drinks

ALAVIE is offering an explosion of flavours and the most delightful sipping experience.

Our 3 unique blends combine distillates of aromatic plants, natural extracts of flowers, fruits and spices that will reveal all their nuances in a sophisticated taste.

We only source premium quality and 100% natural ingredients. 

non alcoholic drinks free sugar

Gentle bitter notes

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non alcoholic drinks free sugar

Fruity notes

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non alcoholic drinks free sugar

Woody notes

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French non alcoholic drinks free sugar

French provenance

ALAVIE is 100% made in France.

We are working with the best experts to ensure we provide the best quality and savoir-faire.

French non alcoholic drinks free sugar

We aim at offering the same level of sophistication as alcoholic drinks through a complex blend of natural ingredients, issued from French savoir-faire and innovation.

non alcoholic champagne

Why sparkling?

We wanted ALAVIE to be bubbly and in a bottle of Champagne, so that the symbol and ritual of celebration (like popping the cork) remains. This also roots ALAVIE into our French provenance.

ALAVIE is a drink to share, bringing JOIE DE VIVRE!

Our drinks have pure and elegant translucent colors
(golden, rosé and amber).

They are best to be served in “coupes” or cocktail glasses so you can best appreciate their crafted blends of sophisticated notes… 


Cheers to life!

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