ALAVIE is the new French distilled aperitif, sparkling and celebratory,
100% natural, and no alcohol.

ALAVIE is the winner
in the World BEVERAGE Innovation Awards 

Sophisticated taste with zero calories

Alcohol-free alternatives are often full of sugar or lack a sophisticated taste.

Why should we have to compromise?

100% natural and with zero calories, ALAVIE offers a sophisticated taste, fully celebratory, with no alcohol.

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ALAVIE literally means “Cheers to Life” in French!

ALAVIE Aperitifs

Healthy celebration with no compromise on taste

“ I don’t want to drink alcohol but don’t want to drink  sugary sodas, juices or sparkling water either! „

“ I cannot drink alcohol or sugary drinks and look for something more celebratory and sophisticated than sparkling water! „

Gentle bitter notes

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Fruity notes

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Woody notes

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ALAVIE is in the news !!

ALAVIE is the first zero calorie sparkling aperitif that offers a sophistication in taste unexperienced before

Zero calories
Sugar free

Quality ingredients
100% natural

Alcohol free 

Gluten free

Sustainable packaging

Made in France



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Our mission is to spread JOIE DE VIVRE

We believe in JOIE DE VIVRE and think people and moments that are dear to us are worth celebrating.

ALAVIE invites you to celebrate all the good moments in life, big or small, anytime and anywhere!

Cheers to life with ALAVIE!

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best french non alcoholic drinks

There's always a good time to drink ALAVIE!

Share and celebrate a joyful moment with your family and friends!

For the aperitif hour of course but it is also the perfect healthy bubbly for a special breakfast, indulgent brunch, lunchtime treat, afternoon socializing, till late in the night.

Available in 3 variants to cater to different tastes and every occasion.

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Cheers to life!

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